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School Events

Back to School Night

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At the beginning of each school year in September, we invite parents to meet their children's teachers and learn what is expected of students in each classroom.

Open House

Towards the end of the school year at Open House, we give children an opportunity to share their work with their families.

Parent Conferences

Sunshine Garden offers two Parent Conferences Weeks each year. This is a time when people in a student's life can discuss how their child is doing in school. It's a chance for you to ask questions about the class and review your child's progress. You and the teacher can work together as a team to discuss ways you can both assist and support your child to better meet his/her academic potential.

Teacher Appreciation Week

This is a week where PTA honors our teachers for the wonderful, caring people they are. We celebrate that teachers are not only the backbone of our nation's educational system, they are a guiding force in helping our children develop into healthy, happy, and successful adults.

Family Math Night

Math Night is a fun and informative evening in November for families to come together and enjoy math and all it has to offer.  (Games, instruction, snacks, and more!)

Spring Talent Show

This is an opportunity for students to show off their talents and for families to enjoy the show!

Picture Days

 Two sets of pictures are taken each year:

Early September:  Regular School Pictures *Uniforms are required

All children are photographed for school files.  Class pictures are taken at this time.  Flyers are sent home a couple of days ahead and you may order pictures packages.  Price ranges from $10.00 to $60.00.

February/March-  Spring Pictures *This is a free dress day.

All children are photographed with a decorative background (No class picture is taken).  When pictures are developed they are sent home with your child.  You can then choose to buy all or some of the pictures.  Any pictures you do not purchase must be returned to the school.  There is no retake day for these pictures.