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School Information

School Hours

Regular Days: 

TK/Kindergarten     8:30-1:40

Grades 1-5             8:30-2:40


Teacher Team Planning Days:

TK/Kindergarten    8:30-1:40

Grades: 1-5           8:30-1:40


Minimum Days

TK/Kindergarten      8:30-1:00

Grades 1-5             8:30- 1:00


Office Hours are:

8:00-3:45  Monday-Friday

Drop Off and Pick up

Help us keep our children safe! Over 400 children are dropped off and picked up in a very short amount of time. To keep our children safe, please obey all traffic laws and especially remember to drive at a safe, slow speed and to be considerate of no parking zones. Between 7:45-8:30 and 2:30-3:00 we ask that parents do not park in parking lot but instead park on the street.

Morning Routines

There is NO supervision for children arriving before 7:45 A.M. For their safety, please do not send children to school before 7:45. When children arrive they are to wait in the cafeteria.


***If your child arrives later than 8:30 A.M.  s/he is late and will be marked tardy.  Please have 1st-5th go directly to morning line-up.  If morning line-up is over, your student must check in at the office. 


Grades TK-5

7:45-8:15-- Children gather in the cafeteria.

8:15-- Children gather on the playground

8:30--School Begins (TK/K go directly to your classroom, 1-5 lines up at morning line-up.)

On rainy days children remain in the cafeteria.

Uniform Policy

All students must wear black pants/skirt and a white shirt. Students may wear Sunshine Gardens gear, which you can purchase from our PTA!


Please stop by the office for our information packet on how you can be a parent-volunteer!

Out Sick or LEaving Early

Please call in every morning that your child is sick. When s/he returns to school please send a note with his/her first and last names, teacher name and reason for being absent. Please sign and date it. If your child is absent for more than 5 days please bring in a signed note from the doctor.


If you need to take your child out early, please come into the office and sign him/her out. The office staff will call the teacher and the child will be sent to the office.


If your child has forgotten anything that is needed at school please come in to the office and we will make sure your child gets what they need. 


Please do not go directly to your child's classroom during school hours.

Lunch & Cafeteria

Sunshine Gardens has a wonderful cafeteria where the children are able to sit and eat with their friends. We also have a hot lunch program. Menus are sent in HIP pocket folders at the end of each month.


Breakfast Prices:




Lunch Prices:


Reduced-- $0.40


Free meals available for qualified low-income families

(Check with office if you qualify)


Please do not send your students to school with chips, candy, or soda in their lunches. We look for healthy lunches and will send any chips, candy or soda to the office to be picked up by the family after school. 

HIP Pockets Mail

The "HIP Pocket" is a folder sent home with your child every Tuesday.  Please make sure you read its contents every week!  Included are the following:  flyers, gazette,  upcoming activities/events, correspondence from the teacher or Sunshine Gardens staff, the monthly lunch menus, and items from the community or District Office.

Lost and Found

Sunshine Gardens has two "Lost and Found" areas.  The first is for jewelry, money, and small or valuable items.  This is located in the office and staff can help the children locate these items.  The second is for clothing, lunch boxes and other such items.  This is located on a rack in the back of the Multi-Use room.  All items on this rack will be donated to charity on the last day of school.