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Sunshine Gardens Elementary School

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    Dear Parkway Heights Middle School Community,


    Suspect Arrested for Attempted Kidnapping and Child Annoyance


    We wanted to keep our community informed about an incident that took place this morning.


    Today at 7:55 am, South San Francisco Police responded to the 700 block of Palm Avenue on the report of an 11 - year old girl that had been accosted by an unknown male adult.  The investigation revealed that the girl was walking to school with a classmate when the subject approached them. The subject physically grabbed the 11 - year old and placed his hand over her mouth before being confronted by a good samaritan that witnessed the incident. The student arrived onto campus and is safe.


    Police located the suspect and was placed under arrest for attempted kidnapping and child annoyance. Police detectives are actively investigating the motive behind this incident.  The student is safe.


    We ask that parents and guardians remind their students to be cautious of strangers, to be aware of their surroundings, and to report any suspicious activity or any interactions that make them uncomfortable. We also encourage the “buddy system” as much as possible.


    Anyone with information regarding the incident is encouraged to contact the South San Francisco Police Department at (650) 877-8900, the anonymous TIP line at (650) 952-2244 or via email at

    Posted 8/15/19
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    August 16, 2019

    Dear Sunshine Gardens Families,

    We are very lucky to have you and your student as part of our school community. I strongly feel that every family and community member has a gift to share with and that they offer many experiences and skills from which we can learn. It is for that reason that I thank you for choosing us. 

    Wednesday, was a very successful and exciting first day of school. Every student I saw at drop off, recess, and lunch, came in full uniform and was happy to be back. When I greeted parents, grandparents, and caregivers, they were happy to bring our students to school. I lost count of the hundreds of smiles that I saw throughout the day. Our teachers and staff, spent countless hours preparing desks, materials, and lessons. They expressed that students were on their best behavior and ready to learn. 

    I would like to also take the opportunity to share with you three important updates:

    • Due to the fact that we have students with severe nut allergies, we are a nut-free school. Please do not send any food item like granola bars, crackers, or sandwiches that contain nuts. If your student has any kind of nut allergy, please talk to their teacher and the office staff. 

    • We have a new gate in front of our school. As we streamline access procedures, the gate will not be locked. Next week, we will be holding a meeting with staff, district officials, the fire marshall, and a law enforcement officer to make sure that safety is at the forefront while involving all stakeholders. We will keep you posted of the outcome. We will be talking about gates, safety, student learning, and family engagement on Friday, Aug. 23 at 8:45 am, at Coffee with PTA in the multi-purpose room. Please come and join us. 

    • In order to be in alignment with all other schools in our district, we have changed our parent teacher conference week to Sep. 23 - 27.  That entire week, we will have minimum days. Dismissal will be at 1:00 pm. Please mark your calendars accordingly.

    Again, we thank you for being an integral part of our school community.

    Please contact our office if you have any questions at 650-877-8784.



    Mr. Gaytán


    Sunshine Gardens Elementary


    16 de agosto del 2019

    Estimadas familias de Sunshine Gardens,

    Es un verdadero gusto tener a usted y toda su familia como miembros de nuestra comunidad. Estoy muy seguro que las familias y cada miembro de nuestra comunidad escolar tienen un regalo que compartir y también ofrecen muchas experiencias y habilidades de las que todos podemos aprender. Es por eso que les agradezco por habernos escogido como escuela.

    El miércoles fue un día maravilloso como primer día escolar.  Cada estudiante que tuve la oportunidad de observar en el área de despedida, el recreo y el almuerzo, portaba el uniforme y mostraba alegría de estar de regreso a clases. Cuando saludé a los padres, abuelos y guardianes se mostraron contentos de traer a los estudiantes. Yo perdí la cuenta de los cientos de sonrisas que noté durante el día. Nuestros maestros y otro personal,  invirtieron incontables horas para preparar los escritorios, los materiales y las lecciones. Además, nos expresaron que los estudiantes mostraron su mejor conducta y vinieron listos para aprender.

    También me gustaría aprovechar esta oportunidad para compartirles 3 puntos importantes:

    • Debido a que tenemos varios estudiantes que tienen severas alergias hacia las nueces, somos una escuela libre de nueces. Favor no enviar comida como barras de granola,  galletas, o emparedados que contengan nueces. Si su estudiante tiene una alergia a las nueces, favor de notificar a la/el maestra-o y la oficina de inmediato. 

    • Hemos instalado una reja enfrente de la oficina. Mientras delineamos todos los procedimientos para el acceso, les informamos que esa reja no se mantendrá con llave. La próxima semana, tendremos una reunión con el personal, los oficiales del distrito, el departamento de bomberos y la policía, para asegurarnos que la seguridad es lo más importante e involucrar a todos. Los mantendremos informados de nuestros acuerdos. Los invitamos a hablar acerca de la seguridad, la nueva reja, el aprendizaje, y participación familiar este viernes, 23 de agosto a las 8:45 am en la cafetería durante el Café con PTA.

    • Para poder alinearnos con otras escuelas del distrito, hemos cambiado nuestra semana de juntas de padres y maestros para el 23 al 27 de septiembre.  Esa semana, todos los días serán días mínimos y los estudiantes saldrán a la 1:00 pm. Favor de marcar sus calendarios.

    De nuevo, les agradecemos de corazón por ser miembros valiosos de nuestra comunidad escolar y los invitamos a participar en nuestras reuniones.

    Favor de contactar a la oficina al (650) 877-8784, si tienen alguna pregunta.



    Sr. Gaytán,


    Escuela Primaria Sunshine Gardens

    parking lot procedures

    At Sunshine Gardens, student safety is a priority. One of the busiest times of day on our campus is the arrival and dismissal of our 400 plus students. Staff has been working hard to update our existing procedures to ensure student safety. 

    To help us keep our school safe please remember:

    • The Speed Limit in the parking lot is 5 mph.
    • During the hours of 7:45-8:35 and 2:30-2:55 we ask that parents park on the street in front of the school. Please do not double park on the street or park in red zones on either side of our gates. We continue to accommodate any handicapped vehicles within the school parking lot.

    Morning Drop Off:

    If you would like to drop-off your student, Sunshine Gardens has designated a specific area in front of the Leo J. Ryan School as an unloading zone. Please pull up to the yellow line and a volunteer wearing a yellow vest will be there to assist. Although it is tempting to violate the parking lot rules, we ask that you drop off your student in the designated “drop off” area only. Please do not let your child exit the car in front of the cafeteria or in front of office. With so many children arriving at school and so many parents and caregivers driving in and out of the parking lot, it can become a dangerous place if not kept orderly. 

    Dismissal / After-School Pick Up:

    • All students in grades 1-5 will be walked out to the front of the school by their teacher at 2:40 PM on regular school days.
    • If you are picking up a student after school, remain in your car and form a line in the drop off line.
      • Students must wait for you in the loading area in front of Leo J. Ryan.
    • When waiting in the load/unload area pull forward to the yellow line to allow other cars to move forward.
    • We ask that you do not leave your car unattended in the loading area - you must remain in your car!  
    how to understand your child's sbac results

    This video will help explain the CAASPP Individual Student Score Report for students who were in grades 3-5 last year. The CAASPP is administered each spring to students in third grade and above and is part of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC). For more information in English and Spanish, you can visit the California Department of Education's website.

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    Early Release Wednesdays

    Students will be dismissed at 1:40 PM approximately two Wednesdays per month. Dates are posted on the calendar above. These shorter classroom days give Sunshine Garden teachers the opportunity to plan grade level collaboration and organize curriculum plans.

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    Participate in PTA!
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