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Student Council


Sunshine Gardens’ Student Council was established in the 2011-2012 school year, to give our students voice, and offer them the opportunity to learn organization, leadership, and teamwork.  This also lays the foundation for future student government positions in middle and high schools, as well as college and beyond. 



Our student council consists of three officers: president, vice president, and secretary.  There are also two class representatives per fourth and fifth grade classroom, as well as at least two staff advisors.



Each school year, fifth grade students only apply to run for student council office, and fourth and fifth graders run for student council class representatives.  The staff advisors and principal shortlist the candidates, who must then begin their schoolwide electoral campaign.  They create their own posters, and post them in the multipurpose room for publicity.  At a schoolwide assembly, candidates deliver their often lively campaign speeches to the school, and following the assembly, all students from kindergarteners to fifth graders return to their classrooms and vote for their favorite candidates.

This process exposes our students to the basic electoral process and awakens in many, a desire to serve their school or community.



The student council meets regularly, and decides on the theme for our monthly spirit days.  Some of these have included Crazy Hair Day, Pajama Day, Red, White & Blue Day, and so forth.

Members also serve as race monitors during our monthly runs which coincide with the spirit days.  As race monitors, they check off laps run by students, and help out in any other capacity needed.

The student council keeps our school green by operating the Recycling Crew, a paper recycling program.  They make announcements, lead the Pledge, and volunteer during school functions.