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 Based on the school site plan for Sunshine Gardens, one of the goals for the school is to give students the opportunity to use technology as a tool to improve learning. Our school has up-to-date computers in each classroom. The media center is equipped to accommodate both library books and computers. Updated computers, printers, and software are being purchased through Block Grant funds. This includes software that supports the State Frameworks for Language Arts and Mathematics. A fifth grade teacher provides technology assistance to our staff and students. The California School Library Act Funds were used to purchase additional library books for our multimedia/library. Expectations for behavior are well known by parents and students. The staff promotes and models fairness, equity, and respect for others. Our conflict resolution program trains fourth and fifth grade students to assist in resolving conflicts in an acceptable manner. Sunshine Gardens School Student Recognition Program awards monthly certificates for citizenship, responsibility, and self-improvement. Honor Roll students in grade 3, 4, and 5 receive certificates each trimester, and their names are printed in the PTA Gazette. In June students attend an awards assembly to receive additional recognition for their efforts. The Sunshine Gardens School Safety Patrol performs an outstanding service for our school. Fifth grade students are selected because they are dependable

Specific intervention programs are in place that focus on language arts and math. The school is using its resources to assist at risk students and those with special needs. Our student study team determines how the school and family will help the student succeed.